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Richard Boswell


Where the iron is hot and the trees are tall,
the water peaceful and the grass is always growing green

Welcome to Tree Forge, at Boswell Farms
in Oklahoma Community, Texas

The smith was born mid-century in Birmingham beneath the statue of Vulcan placed on Red Mountain to honor the iron and steel industry which was once the soul of the city. In 2001 he desired to make swords and edged weapons and took up a hammer to the anvil with a passion he refers to as Vulcanitis. He has benefited from the local blacksmith organization that exposed him to many forms of the hammer art with training from the membership.

His smithy shop is outside his back door and both his anvil and his computer are located beneath an extremely large pine tree next to his peaceful lake. His passion is expressed in flowing organic forms created from hot iron. With each project his skills and ability progress in a manner that benefits his personal and professional life. As a tree farmer he fixes his tools, as an engineer he analyzes steel for high capacity stress, and as an artist he creates forms associated with his life.

These are samples of recent and past on thumbnail image to enlarge.

Some of these were on display at the HABA Art Show at Houston Center For Comtemporary Craft Feb 11-March 7, 2004. Click for my 2004 Show Brochure (1.7 Mb pdf adobe 5.0) for the collection.

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